Mistakes To Not Make With Storage Compartments

Most establishments nowadays have locker rooms with locker facilities for the individuals who frequently commute to and from the place, or who make use of its services for a significant period of time. This can be the locker room of a restaurant establishment, or even the locker room of the school swimming club. The thing that ties all these locker rooms together is the privacy and security that should be afforded to each locker, and the protection of the belongings within them. Yet, sometimes, the individuals in charge can make mistakes which can compromise this security afforded to the locker rooms. Below are some such mistakes:
Placing the keys in obvious and easily accessible locations – whilst some office lockers may have nothing truly important that deserves due security, there is no reason as to why managers and the like should be careless with their placement of keys. Certain establishments allow employees and users to remain in possession of the keys required to open the lockers, whereas others require these to be handed over at the end of the day. The first instance is secure so long as the user does not lose his or her key; the latter, however, can prove somewhat troublesome. This is because many establishments take a relaxed stance with regards to security and merely place the locker keys on easily accessible boards or similar locations. This severely undermines the security afforded to the locker rooms, as the lockers can be easily accessed so long as one comes into the possession of the keys.

Placing lockers in secluded areas – generally, the locker room is often barred from entry, save for the individuals who have access to the lockers. When it comes to workplaces, this basically means the locker rooms are limited to staff or employee entry. Generally, these rooms tend to be areas where employees can wind down and take breaks, as well as provide the opportunity to change into uniforms, etc. As such, they are not located in the busiest of locations. However, regardless of whether the room is equipped with secure metal lockers or not, placing the room in an overly secluded area puts the lockers at considerable risk of burglary.

Failing to secure the lockers – naturally, almost every variety of locker comes with a locking mechanism of some sort, and thereby does provide a degree of security to whatever is placed inside it. However, have you ever considered the possibility of the locker itself being taken out of a locker room? It is not entirely impossible, and this is why it is also important to secure the locker itself. This can be by nailing or attaching the lockers to the walls of the room, or by restricting the size of doorways and windows in a way that the lockers cannot be taken out.